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reading and interview

Álvaro de Campos

1st line

Cock Raffle

South Korea
Gain a Day
I Up Car
You No Pick Me Up, No Your Wife
reading and interview
Monkey: A Nonfictional Folk Tale

Exeunt Omnes
Before Saying
Exeunt Omnes
全体退场, translated by Emma Wang
part 2
part 8
part 9
part 11
part 12

A Wife of Vacation, with Russell Brakefield, Benjamin Fidler, A. Minetta Gould, & B. Michael Somers

Nosegays, with Mark Yakich

南极洲, translated by 韩怡
남극대륙, translated with 정희경
남극대륙, translated by Charlene 조
Die Antarktis
南极洲, translated by 李珊
南极洲, translated by 曲艳玲


Modus Vivendi

Sub Rosa

Diese Leute
Herr Lantz


Luo Binwang
Ode to the Goose (咏鹅)

Mark Yakich
Der Berg (The Mountain)
Blind Girl's Translation (Blind Girl's Litany)
新奥尔良绿区 第一部 (Green Zone New Orleans, part 1), with 陈茜


Ouyang Jianghe

Xiang Yang
Grass Roots

Ye Mimi
His Days Go By the Way Her Years

Yi Lu
Sea Summit

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